Junior School

Liber Leadership Academy Junior School Classes

Parents of children enrolled in Core or Love of Learning classes are required to stay on campus and assist during class time.

Core A (2-3 years)

Core B (4-6 years)

Core C (7-8 years)

Created to give core phase children a safe and fun learning environment based on learning through play. Activities and stations include: circle time, books, active play, nature study, literature based activities, crafts, free play, clean up, etc.

Photo by Jennifer Martin on Unsplash

Love of Learning (9-13 years)

This project-based class will explore diverse themes throughout the year. Each theme will last 4-5 weeks and have hands-on work for the students to experience. At the end of each theme, the students will share with the class a presentation they have prepared at home. The end of theme presentation and “student share” are not required, but exist to serve as a way for the students to get to know one another, provide opportunity for self-expression, and give them a chance to practice speaking in front of their peers. 

Love of Learning Book Club (9-13 years) meets 1x per month

There is something magical about discussing a story with our friends. In this project based class, we will read books at home and then meet monthly to discuss them. Our monthly meetings will include hands-on activities and lots of fun! Regardless of whether you are a reluctant reader or a speed reader, this is a class that you won’t want to miss.

Photo by Aung Soe Min on Unsplash