Scholar School

Liber Leadership Academy Scholar School Classes

Geography through Classics (ages 12 and up)

In this class we will discover and tour the continents by reading classics, both fiction and non-fiction. We will use these classics as a jumping off point to discover nations and their culture, history, religion, and more. Classes will consist of lectures, presentations, book discussions and in-class projects and activities. Students should expect to read, write and do presentations on a variety of topics.

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Pyramid Project  (ages 12 and up)

The Pyramid Project is a two part project. First semester focuses on Reason and Logic by studying mathematicians, scientists, and classics as well as through hands on experiments and discussions. The second semester focuses on Philosophy and applying the principles learned in the first semester to deepen our understanding of human nature and our relationships with self, others and the physical world.

Acting (ages 12 and up)

Learn the basics of building a character from the ground up.  Students will explore different techniques for fully realizing a character. We will experience the art of acting through games, scenes, monologues and other fun team activities. We will also touch on other disciplines in theater and learn what it takes to get a play off the paper and on to the stage. This class is perfect for the beginner yet will challenge those with experience to stretch themselves.

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